at MC Ventures,
we believe in people with
great ideas.

Our investment philosophy is to invest in people and projects that will
have a disruptive impact on the Web3. We incubate, fund & support
projects toward a sustainable and decentralized future.

We are MC Ventures

MC Ventures is Turkey's first and most prominent crypto venture capital firm with a presence in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey. We are a team of crypto enthusiasts with complementary backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives, such as on-chain analytics, smart contract development, security audit, traditional finance, due diligence & research. MC Ventures focuses primarily on early-stage investments in cryptocurrency projects.

MC Ventures at a glance

We are a global team of engineers, developers, and investors motivated by a strong collaborative culture and a passion for an open economy.


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Portfolio Company Size

How we help beyond funding

We work hand in hand with our portfolio teams to ensure that all aspects of their business are brought to the highest standards of excellence.


We fund the projects ourselves and make our network, varying from market-makers to CEX listing committees to launchpads and other VCs, available to assist them in business development, integration into the Web3 community, and further funding.


We provide marketing support as part of our incubation process. Our marketing support includes forming community channels, product localization, advising on go-to-market strategy, organizing AMA sessions, and increasing brand exposure and awareness.


We have hands-on experience in the technical, financing, and marketing disciplines of Web3 projects. Our support includes financing advice, tokenomics design, smart contracts development, security audits, and staking & validation services that support tokenomics for specific demands.

Core Values


We are honest and trustworthy.

We have a strong moral compass.

We do not beat around the bush and always provide direct feedback and opinion.

Collaborative Culture

We work as a seamless team.

We value and appreciate each team member’s opinion and contribution.

We have a diverse set of competencies that mesh perfectly to maximize our contribution to the projects.

Genuine Partnership

We are a relationship firm; integrity, trust, and respect govern our actions.

We succeed only when our portfolio companies succeed as we invest a considerable amount of our own funds.

We have sat on the other side of the table as entrepreneurs.

We are always available to our portfolio management teams throughout the life of our investment.

Excellence in Delivery

We aim for perfect execution.

We diligently focus on delivering value.

We convert strategy to actionable items.

Pitch Your Idea

Have an idea you’d like to co-build with MC Ventures, or a project you’d like to take to the next level? Let us know what you’re working on!

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