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We are Muhabbit Capital

We are blockchain enthusiasts, builders and investors. We are Turkey's first and the largest crypto community with a global footprint.
Since our foundation in 2017, we have been continuously partnering with promising blockchain projects; building and managing their communities on various social media channels and advising young startups on their crypto journey.

Now, we decided to take the next step and invest in early-stage crypto teams to help them realise their dreams of a decentralized future.


The Team

Dr. Aytunç Yıldızlı

Aytunç is the founder of and a Community Manager at Ava Labs. He has been working as a consultant with global blockchain projects since 2019.

Aytunç works actively on developing and promoting Avalanche.

Mehmet Özdemir

Mehmet is co-founder, CEO and the chairman of After trading at BIST for four years he learned about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in early 2017 and soon after that he quit all traditional investment tools to fully focus on trading and investing in decentralized finance.

Ethem Barış Öztürk

Barış is co-founder of He has been mining and researching cryptocurrencies since 2017.

In addition, he’s also an avid on-chain analyst with a large following on Twitter.

Efe Büken

Efe is a senior partner of and Muhabbit Capital and an active cryptocurrency investor since 2016.

Efe is involved in brand and community development of various leading blockchain projects. He also hosts the YouTube Show “OKEx Talks Turkey”.

Fevzi Güngör

Fevzi is a co-founder of He’s an expert on crypto mining hardware.

Besides from his interest on tech side of things, Fevzi runs the community management arm for

Dr. Ömer Demirel

Ömer is a partner at Muhabbit Capital. He’s a data-driven technologist with 7+ years of experience in R&D and financial institutions as leading data science consultant.
Ömer holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and currently acts as a strategic advisor to several high-profile projects on Avalanche.

Doruk Ardahan

Doruk is a law faculty graduate, he plans to be a lawyer in cryptocurrency area. He has been inspecting and investing significant projects since 2017. He is also a cryptocurrency trader.

Alp Işık

Alp is a computer engineer. He has been regularly producing content on Youtube about cryptocurrencies since 2013. He started with mining and now focuses on DeFi and trading. He also currently provides consultancy on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Tufan Poyraz

Tufan is the founder of He has experience in social analysis of the cryptocurrency market and focuses on AI metrics and insights. He also develops algorithmic trading software.

Onur Yılmaz

Onur holds a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering. He has 10 years of professional experience in the German automotive industry. He is a self-taught blockchain enthusiast. He has been investing in Cryptocurrency projects since early 2017. His main focus is on DeFi applications and related DeFi ecosystem projects.

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