Mehmet Özdemir

Mehmet is a co-founder and CEO of He is in charge of marketing strategies at MC Ventures.

Ethem Barış Öztürk

Barış is a co-founder of He is responsible for internal operations and treasury management. He is also an avid on-chain analyst with a large audience on social media.

Fevzi Güngör

Fevzi is a co-founder of He leads community building activities at MC Ventures.

Efe Büken

Efe is a partner at MC Ventures and takes the role of CMO at Kalao. He has been involved in the brand and community development of various blockchain protocols.

Doruk Ardahan

Doruk is a partner at MC Ventures. He holds a law degree and has been leading the legal operations at MC Ventures

Alp Işık

Alp is a partner at MC Ventures. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering. He has been creating crypto-related content on social media. He collaborates with different Web3 companies for social media support and content creation.

Tufan Poyraz

Tufan is a partner at MC Ventures and the founder of He has proficiency in the social and semantic analysis of the cryptocurrency market. He takes charge of lead generation and algorithmic trading operations at MC Ventures.

Onur Yılmaz

Onur is a partner at MC Ventures. He holds a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering. His main focus at MC Ventures is due diligence, tokenomics design and advisory especially for DeFi projects.

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