We are Muhabbit Capital Ventures

“The MC Ventures team is ready to assist the founders in deploying their ideas and facilitating the adoption of their products inside and outside the Web3 community.

MC Ventures is Turkey's first and most prominent crypto venture capital firm with a presence in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey. We are a team of crypto enthusiasts with complementary backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives, such as on-chain analytics, smart contract development, security audit, traditional finance, due diligence & research.

MC Ventures focuses primarily on early-stage investments in cryptocurrency projects. We are positioning ourselves at the forefront of crypto-asset investments and our project analysts constantly review the best opportunities in the space. Its portfolio includes some notable protocols and projects. We have invested in more than 50 projects and became partners along the way to a better-decentralized future. MC Ventures has a global reach within its deep network, varying from market-makers to CEX listing committees to launchpads and other VCs.

In addition to supporting partners with its blockchain expertise and network, MC Ventures enables partners to penetrate the Turkish market with the help of its media arm, the Muhabbit brand founded in 2017, which has on average 300K+ organic page views and 6M+ average impressions on Twitter per month. Its regional exposure support includes localizing the contents, community building, marketing, and partnerships/networking with the institutional players in different jurisdictions.

MC Ventures also runs themed hackathons and aims to boost technology adoption with university communities/development clubs by sponsoring educational content.

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